Creating and publishing a podcast feed

If you're starting a podcast and do not have or need a website, FeedPress provides you with a mini CMS with all of the abilities needed to create an RSS feed, upload podcasts, and publish them to iTunes!

To begin, go to your dashboard and click Create Feed.

Check the option that this feed is a podcast (obviously). Optionally, you can also enable click tracking for links as well as import any email subscribers (if you want a newsletter).

Optimize iTunes podcast tags

Read our tutorial on adding iTunes tags before continuing to the next step.

Create a post

Now that you've successfully created your feed and have added your iTunes tags, go to the new  Publishing menu and select Your Posts.

Click  Create Post to create your first podcast post.

You can enter your title, a longer description of what the episode is about, and then the full episode show notes, including an image. If you're unfamiliar with Markdown syntax, there's a cheatsheet available. In the toolbar, click the help icon (it's a question mark). Note that we also display important details such as line and word count, as well as when your post was last auto saved--that's right, no worrying about losing stuff if you don't click a save button.
In the enclosure URL area, you can upload a file if you haven't already done so. Uploading a file is as easy as drag and dropping an MP3 onto the file upload area. If you already have a file available in your podcast storage, you can click the microphone button to select the file you want to attach to the post.
Inserting images are easy as well. There's a shortcut to do it right from the Markdown toolbar, or you can drag and drop an image in the file upload area at the bottom. Note that we auto insert the appropriate Markdown syntax for you in the body of the post.
You can enter full-screen mode to write distraction free. In preview mode, you can see how your Markdown formatted post will render in a browser on the right-hand side pane. Super handy for seeing embedded images and links.

Once you've proof read your post and are satisfied, you can publish it. As illustrated below, a confirmation message appears that your podcast was successfully published.

After publishing an episode, you can view your RSS feed in a browser and see the newest episode is live.

Managing your podcast files

Go to Publishing > Your Files to access your storage manager. You can upload files as well as create posts from this screen.
Click on the gear icon next to the uploaded file and select  Create Post. This allows you to create a new post with the current media file attached to it.