Does FeedPress support JSON Feed?

Experimental  JSON support is live on FeedPress.
JSON feed is generated every time the XML feed is refreshed so it’s not a replication from the source, it’s a creation. it currently handles podcasts on RSS and Atom and validates.

You can append ?format=json to the end of your feed URL (no leading slash before the parameter).


Update: As of May 31, 2017, the  feed_url paramter has been added. As per JSON Feed spec documentation, it's highly recommended:

feed_url (optional but strongly recommended, string) is the URL of the feed, and serves as the unique identifier for the feed. As with home_page_url, this should be considered required for feeds on the public web.

To make your FeedPress based JSON FEED discoverable in a browser, add a <link> tag to the <head> tag of your website. An example follows.

<link rel="alternate" title="My Feed Title" type="application/json" href="" />