I'm retooling my podcast, should I create a new feed?

If you have an established podcast with subscribers and analytics data that's being collected by FeedPress, you should create a brand new RSS feed if you plan on retooling your podcast.

Retooling your podcast is an uncommon thing, but it's been known to happen. For example, perhaps you host a technology podcast and decide that you wish to keep the podcast name and brand in tact, but retool your show format and start from episode one again.

If you plan on deleting old episodes from your feed and starting at episode one again, we suggest the considering the following procedures:

  1. Create a new feed for the retooled podcast with a new name: e.g., give it a unique new FeedPress alias, such as mypodcastv2.
  2. Enable podcast hosting if you plan on storing your podcasts with FeedPress (Settings > Your Files).
  3. Upload episode number 1 in your new feed.
  4. Re-assign your old feed to the new one if you're on a custom domain name: e.g., /mypodcast > feed > mypodcastv2 .

If you're not using a custom hostname, you can also inform iTunes of the new location of your RSS feed by editing the appropriate iTunes tag.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Your Podcast.
  2. In the New Feed URL box, type in the name of your new podcast feed URL (this can be found on your FeedPress dashboard, starting with feedpress.me.
  3. Save your changes!