GDPR Compliance

FeedPress is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All of our collected data are stored in Europe with GDPR compliant companies and respect the six privacy principles of the GDPR.

Data collected


Only IP addresses are collected in order to compute subscribers counts and tracking analytics (podcast downloads, link clicks, etc.). They're stored during three months on our database and then deleted.


Email addresses given by the subscribers are stored in our database as long as users are subscribed to the newsletters. Once they unsubscribe the collected email is removed from our database.


Billing info is collected during the payment process and transmitted to our partners Stripe and to handle payment and billing. Billing info is deleted if the customer deletes their account. They can also remove their details at any time on the customer interface.

Hosting and Newsletter

Currently all of our servers are co-located at OVH in France:

Our email newsletter system is powered by Mailjet:

They each should have their respective GDPR info.

Data Protection Policy

Our Data Protection Policy has also been updated for GDPR compliance: